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There are a number of problems that you might have with your air conditioner that will require you to need A/C repair. You will want to make sure that you are able to get all the information that you can to ensure that the air conditioner technician is able to help you as quickly as possible. No matter what type of A/C repair that you are in need of, rest assure that we have qualified, experienced, and well trained employees that will be able to help you.

Whether you are looking for Residential or Commercial HVAC support, you can count on us for all your needs.


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AC Installation

Is it time for a new HVAC system? Maybe your heater is rusted out, but your AC is fine. Or, maybe your AC unit just can't keep up any more. Give A/C Doctors a call, and we'll install that new A/C unit or HVAC system for you. We'll even haul off the old one, so that you don't have to bother with it. We work with contractors every day, planning out HVAC for their new construction, or replacing an old existing unit.

AC Repair

AC repair is crucial in the hot summer months. Overheating is a major source of hospital visits among children, the ill, and the elderly during a heat wave. With a regular maintenance schedule, most of the problems that can arise with your air conditioning system can be avoided. However, there is still the occasional emergency. Rest assured that with A/C Doctors, you will have the help you need when you need A/C repairs. Air conditioner repair is at the top of our priority list during summer weather.

AC Maintenance

Regular AC maintenance of your unit and heater are crucial to extending the life of these systems. Your AC works overtime, and can burn itself out, when the condensing unit is clogged with leaves, grass, dirt, and dog hair. With proper maintenance, your air conditioner will last longer and do a better job than if you allow it to be neglected. Call AC Doctors of South Florida today to set up a schedule for HVAC maintenance. We will service your units on a regular basis to keep them in top running condition. Plus, you get discounts – and discounts are always good!

  • Filter Changes

    Air filters block dust, pollen, and other small particles from entering your home. These air filters eventually become clogged, causing a reduction in energy efficiency from 5 to 15 percent, according to the U.S. Department of Energy, which recommends changing your filter every 1-2 months, for cleaner air and more efficient A/C usage.

  • Compressor Repair

    A number of things can bring about compressor failure, such as unclean condenser, refrigerant leaks, electrical issues, constant on/off, and even improper unit sizing (too big a unit tends to cycle on/off prematurely which can cause compressor to wear out prematurely). We are experts at repairing compressors, the heart of your unit.

  • Condenser Repair

    Whether your unit provides uneven, inadequate, or even no cooling at all, it could be related to your condenser. Your condenser may not even run, or instead repeatedly turns on and off. Our certified technicians are able to diagnose whether it is a condenser issue and are highly experienced in condenser repairs.

  • Condenser Cleaning

    Evaporator and condenser coils collect dirt over time, which limits air flow and the amount of heat removed by the air conditioner. Cleaning these will allow better air flow and A/C efficiency.

  • Refrigerant Charging

    If your A/C is low on refrigerant, there will be low airflow from registers, you will see high electrical usage, and your home will take longer than normal to cool. That's when you need a certified A/C professional to add refrigerant to your unit.

  • Emergency & Weekend Service

    We provide weekend and after-hour emergency services so we are there when you need us most. The longer you wait for your A/C repair, the more damage is done thus increasing the cost of the repair. As soon as you notice there is a problem, call an A/C professional to avoidfurther damage to your air conditioning unit.

100% Customer Satisfaction

  • We provide a full 10-Year Warranty, on Parts AND Labor. Most companies only offer warranty on parts. We at A/C Doctors of South Florida are fully committed to providing you with 100% customer satisfaction.
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